Parasite Stress Theory and Scripture!

I recently came across an interesting grouping of scientific books and research papers that define Parasite Stress Theory, which posits that political and cultural divisions between people into liberal and conservative values is caused by their exposure to infectious diseases…


Fundamentalism (From August 2021 Newsletter Article)

Often seen from a Protestant Christian perspective Fundamentalism (capitalized) refers to a movement in the church focusing on a literal interpretation of the Bible and strict adherence to the beliefs and rules derived therefrom.  

New Release by Pastor Nate - Lost Pages 

My first single of 2021 is titled "Lost Pages"! 

Back in the day when I was a teenager I used to just get lost in my writing, poems and raps and all kinds of stuff. My life may have taken…

Message 06 21 20 Priorities (Matthew 10:24-39)

Children’s message: 


Jesus came to bring not peace he said, but a sword… 

Now I have a couple of swords right here 


There was certainly a lot of fighting with swords in those days 

Not as much anymore, unless, you…

Message 06 14 20 Jesus sends the disciples (Matt. 9 and 10)

Children's message:


We have a special broadcast message from our partners in ministry 

Stay tuned 



Welcome my dear friends, 

My name is Methuselah, 

And you are watching, the Show 

Oh, it has been so long!  So long! 

 Good to…

Sunday Message 06 07 20 Trinity Sunday


Children's message:


What in the world is the Trinity?? 


Many wise and intelligent people have tried to comprehend 

And to explain over the years 

But one way you can imagine (not perfect but just a helpful analogy)

Is with a…

Notes from Message 05 31 20 Pentecost Sunday Acts 2:1-21

Children’s message: 


Pentecost and the tongues of fire: the Holy Spirit

Disciples went out talking about Jesus 

Everyone heard in their own language! 


Jesus loves you, in multiple languages 

almasih yuhabik  (Arabic) 

Yēsū ài nǐ  (Chinese) 

Jésus t’aime (French) 


Message 05 24 20 Ascension and John 17

The other day our outdoor bird cage 

accidentally got left open. 

Rosetta (Yaretzi’s bird) almost got away  

Coco (Natalia’s) was nowhere in sight 

But we could hear him squeaking and squawking 

Up in the oak tree, right next to the…

Message 05 17 20 Commands of Jesus


Children’s message: 

Methusala the Dragon:  Welcome one and all to story time with Jesus of Nazareth, and his trusty sidekick, the Camel who went through the eye of a needle!  I hear them coming along right now… 

Jesus:  Hello Camel…

Sunday Message 05 03 20 Good Shepherd Sunday

Children’s message:  Listening to the voice of Jesus 

I have a very special guest for you!

Methusala the Dragon:  Welcome one and all, gather around while we hear the tale 

Of Jesus starring in his role as the GATE and…