Lenten message 2020 It is Raining

Growing in times of difficulties...


It is going to rain. 

It might not be that often seeing as we live in Southern California 

But as we saw over the past week.  

It is going to rain eventually. 


Living here I…

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Sunday Message 03 08 20 Nicodemus Paradigm Shift

Does anyone feel like Nicodemus sometimes? 

with what Jesus says? 


Or written in the epistles sometimes especially with Paul? 

Especially the Old Testament 

with the books of laws and the prophets! 


Like, I just don’t get it! 

Like some of…

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Message Notes 03 01 20 Temptation LENT 1 Based on Matthew 4

What kind of temptations do we face? 


Probably the most obvious spoken of is sexual? 

Driving down the freeway  

See billboards advertising  

So, in your face about it!  


What others?  





Any kind of overindulgence in material…

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Ash Wednesday 2020 Message Notes

I have a friend for many years 

– I know hard to believe right! 


Well, one day we were walking into a building, 

he was ahead of me by like twenty feet, 

but he still held the door open for…

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