Easter Sunday 04 12 20

There has certainly been an appropriate vibe 

with the weather and political events, 

For this Holy Week!

We are living in interesting times! 


Rain has been coming down,  

Thank you God; for the rain! 

But it does give things a particular feel 

Things are darker constantly, colder 


Darkness covered the land  

On that Friday  

As it has here this past week, 

and metaphorically in this pandemic.  

I read this was supposed to be the worst week so far  

But hopefully it will start getting better! 


Have you ever felt that way?  

About how things are going?  


Hoping things will get better from here 

Excluded, left out, ridiculed maybe.  

Suffering injustice, oppression 

Getting sick, an accident 

Made really terrible choices… 

Basically, been in a low place, 


Basically, where the woman were at, 

Seeing Jesus dying on the cross, 

Burying him, 

then coming to make sure his body was properly cared for 


I definitely have been there in more than one occasion 

But one of the most difficult for me was as a teenager 


I was really bad at following a lot of rules I guess 

I think I just lacked the ability to say no 

To things or relationships that weren’t good for me 


I also had a desperate need to want to be liked by others 

But I had been bullied starting high school 

I was a very awkward young teen 

And I’m still pretty awkward today. 


And I don’t know for sure, 

But I think that had something to do 

with my downward spiral

I can say that my teenage years were not my best years!! 


I don’t mean to use that as an excuse for my behavior 

But it is helpful to understand for myself 

 where all this was coming from… 


Of course, as you see me here today… 

You know that was not the end of the story… 


Thanks to my family and good friends 

who looked out for me 

Despite me being a real jerk to them 

I got through that period of my life 


They didn’t give up on me. 

And I know that God didn’t give up on me. 


But that can’t be the end of the story either, 

Because I am still me, you know 

If I wasn’t comfortable with myself then 

I’m probably not going to be now either 

No matter how much I try and hide it. 


Which probably means I would fall into 

The same cycle of destructive behaviors 

Over and over again 

With no way out… 


I learned that: 

It’s okay to be a little bit strange, somewhat of a weirdo 

To be different 

It can become a good thing actually 

It can lead to more creative thinking 


When we allow each person to flourish in their uniqueness 

And listen to people of varying opinions 

Different perspectives on life 

We are all better for it

Trying to “fit in” to what the world wants you to be 


Jesus didn’t do it either 

He didn’t do what people wanted him to do 

or be someone he was not 

He went outside the box 

Of expectations 


It wasn’t easy, but it changed the world 

It transformed the people 

People who faced adversity 

And did more than they thought possible… 


And that message is for you! 

The message that God loves YOU 


God would die for you to show it! 

And to expose the evil injustices of the world 

To show us that there is a better way 

Than violence, hate, and domination 

God wants you to accept that love 


Yes, we have all made mistakes 

We might have a past that is difficult 

But in many ways that past also makes us 

who we can be in the future 

If we can accept God’s love for us right now! 




Truly God shows no partiality 


God accepts us and loves us and saves us! 


Just to say that we are saved and that God loves us 

Doesn’t mean that we don’t do messed up things 

We are not perfect obviously!! 

We still need that forgiveness of course 

that is spoken of at the end of the Acts text 

Forgiveness of sins is still necessary for ALL of us, 

I don’t care who you are! 


God was bringing peace with humanity in Jesus Christ 

Peace between God and humanity 

Let’s stop killing people over God please 

Let’s stop judging others and condemning others 

in God’s name 


Let’s accept that God loves us who we are 

And God can forgive us what we get wrong 


God brings peace in Jesus Christ 

God brings peace to my soul 


Jesus Christ shows us the way to love one another 

In his life and death, 

And gives us the hope to live in his footsteps 

Through his resurrection to new life. 

Because God so loves the world and you in it!

Thanks be to God! 


Jesus Christ is risen!  Alleluia 

He is risen indeed!  Alleluia 

Alleluia!! Amen.