Sunday Message 04 26 20 Road to Emmaus

We can sure get stuck in a rut! 


As someone who writes a sermon message every week 

It is something that could happen to a pastor preacher 

How to come up with something new and creative 

each time?

There are so many things that could go wrong 


I imagine it is that way with any part of our lives 

We get stuck in a rut, we don’t see the big picture 

Just go back to the same old thing in life 

It’s easy to keep our heads down 

Go along with society 

It’s easy to mess things up 


It seems the disciples were on their way 

On just such an occasion 

On their journey, 

Stuck in a rut 

Going back to life as usual 


Wasn’t it just that morning 

that the women had gone to tell them 

Wasn’t everything going crazy 

All the signs were there 


They had been hearing Jesus talk about 

what would happen to him 

But, they couldn’t really comprehend it 

Because it was something beyond their paradigm 

Outside of what was possible 

with the way they were viewing the world 


They had taken in all this information 

But were missing some connections 


Their eyes were truly opened 

and they could understand who Jesus was 

As he broke the bread, 

as they shared a meal together 

As they stopped the business, and the activity 


Kind of like the movie The Parent Trap 

We watched both versions recently 

The twins met each other at summer camp 

They looked exactly alike, 

But they actually became enemies for it for a while 

Pulling pranks on one another 


Quite devious and clever youngsters if I do say so myself! 

Put the furniture from her cabin on the roof 

Put honey and feathers and all sorts of things while sleeping 


But then they were forced to get to know one another 

In the isolation cabin 

They are learning their whole story 


But it takes forever for them to get it 

Until something clicks in their brain 

One of them is thinking about going and getting a popsicle to eat 

And the other says: 

“How can you think about your stomach in a time like this?” 


“Were not our hearts burning in us?” 

said the disciples 

The truth was right there were their eyes 

It was felt in their “hearts” 

Did not become consciously aware of it until later 

But they needed to stop, and relax, in a meal 

For all the connections to finally come together 

And Jesus breaking the bread triggered their brains 

In a way that made the connections possible! 


Often in order to do that we need to get outside of ourselves 

Have a new experience 

Journey somewhere new 


Roads and travelling play an important role 

in the stories of Luke 

In the theological imagination 

Roads and travelling can also be important for us 

Whether real or in the metaphorical sense 

Helps get us outside our own perspective, 

to see from another culture, from another viewpoint 

From a different age category, gender maybe 


To listen 

As in the Psalm 

(God inclines toward God’s people, 

God listens to us, is that not amazing?) 

God listened to the cry of the people in slavery in Egypt 


And so, we are called to also listen to others 

To incline toward them 

Though not too much during the quarantine measures! 


Like the disciples when they listened to a stranger 

who they met on the road 

Without know it 

And when they invited that stranger to stay with them 

Because it was getting dark and could be dangerous 

They have shelter, and a meal perhaps? 

To the one who had been crucified 


Who are the people being “crucified” today? 

People killed and taken too soon 

Barely getting by 

Experiencing terrible trauma 

Experiencing the unjustness and the brutality of life 

In what ways do we need to repent for our complicity 

Or outright oppression? 

Repent as those original hearers 

of Peter’s preaching in Jerusalem 


Who are the people being excluded today? 

How can we be more inclusive? 


Christ is revealed to us most 

hearing God’s Word, 

and breaking bread together in community, 

sharing in fellowship, 

listening to one another. 

when we provide for the stranger who is also our neighbor 

Christ is revealed to us 

And Christ is revealed to us, 

When we are the neighbor in need, 

Receiving help and support from someone else 

That is what the kingdom of God looks like 


Maybe we don’t have all the answers 

to exactly how we are going to do that at the moment… 


Maybe you are feeling like the Parent Trap 

At your wits end 

with the one you are trapped with at home! 


We definitely need to take some time, 

We have heard God’s Word for us, 

We need to have that relaxation, 

That prayerful attitude, 

And yes, we will be breaking the bread together 

in an online communion 

Because we believe that the Spirit 

connects us with one another beyond time and space 


Allow this time to be that space you need 

In the singing, in the liturgy 

In the ritual, in prayer 

Maybe we will find the answers we seek 

Maybe you will find more clarity 

on what God is calling you to do 

Who to pray for, who the contact 

What to look into, what research to do 

How to be community at this time 

And how to look out for one another 

How to invite someone to be a part of this time 


We saw what happened when those two in the Parent Trap 

Came together 

to sabotage their father’s relationship with his fiancée 

So he could get back together with his ex-wife 

They really worked together 

and did some hilarious things along the way 


Together we can do so much more 

When we love and support each other 

Together, we are going to the banquet


Sing or listen to "Let us go now to the banquet"