Message 05 10 20 Jesus way truth and life Mother’s Day (John 14)

Children’s message: 


What would you ask for in Jesus name? 


What does your name mean? 

Many times, there is a story behind it! 

Has anyone ever told you a story about your name? 

If not, you should look up what it means for fun! 


My full name is Nathaniel 

Nathan = He Gives, el = god, 

Therefore Nathaniel = God gives, or gift of God 

Which basically means - I was an accident! ;) 


Jesus is the Greek form of a Hebrew name “Yeshua” 

 means: “God Saves” 

There is a story to that one as well: 

It means that Jesus came to save us from our own problems 

And the problems of the world 

Jesus came to show us God’s love is more powerful than all else 

Jesus brings God’s mercy and forgiveness directly to us 

And a direct relationship with God 

If we are open and accept 

Salvation and healing! 


What would you do if someone was acting in your name 

Or just said they were 

But they were doing things that you would never want to happen?! 


So, when we do something, or ask for something in Jesus’ name 

What do you think that means? 


What would you ask for in Jesus name? 






It is an awesome responsibility! 

To act in Jesus’ name… 

to ask God for something in Jesus’ name 


Yet Jesus says “do not let your hearts be troubled” 

Reminds me of the song: 

Don’t worry, be happy” by Bobby McFerrin 

“Everyone has troubles, 

but when you worry, you make it double” 


Jesus makes it simple for us: 

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life 

If we want to know what God wants from us 

We just have to look at Jesus Christ 

We learn about who God (The Father) is through Jesus 


Anything we ask for (in his name) will be given to us 

What does it mean to ask for something 

in someone’s name? 

In a legal sense, 

it means that anything we do is credited to that person 


Not to us 

If we buy a house “in someone’s name” 

that house belongs to them 


Therefore, we do not do good things to earn salvation 

The good deeds we do are credited to Jesus, 

in his name 

Anything we do must be following the guidelines 

that Jesus has stipulated to us 

Based on the Law of Love and Mercy 

We do works that Jesus has assigned us, 

and in his spirit of love and grace 

But it all belongs to him at the end of the day 


So, we can stop acting like they are ours 

We can stop acting like any talent we have, 

any resources, 

or anything that we do to help others 

is anything but God’s… 


We are clearly in the creation story of Genesis 

“Stewards” of creation, and not the owners 


But we just as clearly have that all mixed up 

We constantly consider ourselves to be the owners 

Which has led to a whole lot of problems over the ages 

No different here and now! 

And equally so when Jesus walked the streets of Jerusalem 


What were their hearts going to be troubled by? 

Because Jesus was going to be killed by the leadership 

Betrayed and unjustly killed 


I have been reading a compilation of writings of MLKJR 

There is a whole section about nonviolence 

as a form of resistance against injustice 


Following in the footsteps of Jesus 

This is one way to act in Jesus name 


Our country is rife with injustice at this very moment 


There has not been a real positive direction 

on immigration reform 

That was promised when, like 30 years ago? 

We still have people working 

at companies and corporations and small businesses 

Still picking our strawberries and apples 

But without the proper documents… 


We have the largest incarcerated population in the world 

And we have consistently taken away resources 

for rehabilitation efforts 

And focused more on penalization efforts 


We have a growing divide between rich and poor, 

People loaded with huge debts

Leading to rising tensions 

And heightened racial tension mixed in with that! 

And that is not even looking at the world as a whole 

And throughout the ages, 

the terrible things humans have done to one another 

We so easily stop seeing one another as human beings 

Created in the image of God 


How sad it is today to still see this issue 

cut through the center of our country 

I was especially discouraged, disheartened, 

and sickened this week 

When a video of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery was leaked 

Then two men were arrested for the killing 


Look how can we stop seeing one another as human beings

This is a problem that humans have known since forever 

Hatred and Fear and worry and anger 

Leads to violence 

Leads to injustice 

Prejudice, racism, sexism, ableism, 

All the evil and exclusionary thoughts and emotions 

And systems and powers that hold others in oppression 


Yet still Jesus comes and says 

do not worry, do not be troubled 


Do not let this lead to bitterness on your part 

But always seek to move forward in love 

And nonviolence, as Jesus did 


Look at the example we have of Stephen the martyr 

Who as he was being killed 

Asked God to forgive the perpetrators 


In a letter during the Montgomery bus boycott 

MLK wrote this: 

“Those of us who struggle against racial injustice must come to see that the basic tension is not between races . . . The tension is at bottom between justice and injustice, between forces of light and the forces of darkness . . . we are out to defeat injustice and not white persons who may happen to be unjust.” 

“At the center of nonviolence stands the principle of love.” 

MLK said that they could do their work because 

“the universe is on the side of justice.” 

To accept suffering without retaliation 

Because God is on the side of justice.  

Good Friday reminds us that “evil may reign for a day” 

But it will give way to Easter 

“So in Montgomery we can walk and never get weary, because we know that there will be a great camp meeting in the promised land of freedom and justice.” 


We talked about last week, 

being happy in the community of the faithful 

That beloved, blessed community 

Which we get to experience now, but only in part… 

But ultimately, we might suffer 

on the side of truth and justice 

That is also a part of life… 


Doing something in Jesus’ name 

is like saying thy kingdom come thy will be done 

When we can do that (which we can’t), 

but when God works through us anyways, 

We experience some measure of purpose, 

peace, and joy even. 


In Jesus’ name means in the name of love 

“Stop, in the name of love, before you break my heart…” 


We also ask God to protect us 

and be our refuge in the work we do! 


Life is so vulnerable 

Love is so strong 


“Ridiculously committed to love 

in the midst of life’s cruelty” 


Don’t let them take the joy from life! 

Love furiously! 


The hope for justice and peace that MLK had 

We still hold onto today 


It is a hope that goes throughout the generations 

And is realized in what MLK called the beloved community. 

In the name of Jesus means in the name of salvation 

Liberation, healing, and freedom from oppression. 


Alleluia, thanks be to God!