Message 05 17 20 Commands of Jesus


Children’s message: 

Methusala the Dragon:  Welcome one and all to story time with Jesus of Nazareth, and his trusty sidekick, the Camel who went through the eye of a needle!  I hear them coming along right now… 

Jesus:  Hello Camel so good to see you!  I am here to tell you a story of my Apostle Paul and when he went to the Areopagus in Greece 

Camel:  Did you just say the Oreo-in-my-esophagus? 

Jesus: No, Oreo-in-my-esophagus?? What?? 

Do you always have food on the brain? 

No, I said, the Areopagus, a place in the city of Athens 

All the way in Greece 

Camel:  Ooooo!!.... what is the Areopagus?? 

Jesus:  It is a place where they had all these idols and altars 

To gods from all over the world.  And the people would hang out 

And talk about different forms of knowledge and wisdom:  all day long 

Camel:  Sounds kinda boring but… 

Jesus:  Anyways, So, Paul the great missionary was there 

He found an altar with an inscription that said “To an unknown god” 

Paul said I know that God who you do not know! 

See the Hebrew people hold a tradition that 

They never pronounce the real name of God 

They always say Lord or just generic god 

So, this unknown God was actually known 

The creator of everything 

Camel:  oooooooooo 

Jesus:  Paul even quoted from one of their great Poets and said 

That God is everywhere around them 

They had always had that God right next to them 

Even in their hearts and in the air they breathe.  But they didn’t know it! 

Camel:  What about me Jesus?  Is God around me and in me? 

Jesus:  Yes of course!!  God is right there next to you and everyone all the time.  We just don’t always pay attention or notice it!  

Camel:  One more question Jesus…  Do you have any more of those oreos in your esophagus?  I would prefer one in my stomach but I’m not too picky.  

Jesus:  Okay okay, can’t learn when you got food on the brain huh?  How about we go get some pancakes instead?  And I can tell you more…  (leave stage) 

Methusala:  Well there you have it folks!  Another fabulous lesson from our trusted Rabbi Jesus, and once again I am left hungry after this conversation.  I’m off to get some beignets, I have heard they are a quite delicious form of donut, quite strange name of course but I’m not one to judge!  See you next time, and remember:  Stay Christ-like Fullerton!! 


Adult Message:


Well Jesus is really nice to Camel 

But he doesn’t know the truth!  

Let me tell you! 

Today we read that if we love Jesus we will follow his commands 

The Commandments of Jesus are intense!! 


I read through 49 commands of Jesus 

You know, the part about if someone punches you in one side you let them punch you in the other side just doesn’t sit well and then if someone sues you for your coat your supposed to give them your cloak as well.  

Love your enemies! 

Forgive 7 X 70 times 

Have no covetous or lustful thoughts 

And a whole lot more 


Literally tells us to be perfect! 

Full stop! 

Like huh???!! 

Jesus, are you for real?? 

Jesus?  You looking at me?  Nah I don’t think so.. 

Can’t be looking at me…


I don’t know about in your imagination 

But one of the first things that comes to my mind 

Thinking about this passage 

A song from the Contours: 

“Do you love me, do you love me, do you love me, do you love me” 

“Now that I can dance…”


We actually cannot keep Jesus’ commandments completely 

We probably get F’s most of the time (well most of us do) 

But God promises to abide in us, and we abide in him 

So, we can let God act through us for good 

Are we at least trying to seek after God 

Trying to seek after love and peace 


We search for God constantly 

And yet “in him we move and have our being” 

How can God be right there next to us 

Inside of us 

All around us 

And yet we still miss out? 


We look for God in the wrong places? 

For the people of Athens and Greece, 

And many other cultures of that age… 

They were looking for God or the gods 

 in stone, silver, gold, in statues 

This was a time of ignorance 

even though they were very religious 

Now many are non-religious yet still need to fill 

The place that God should have 

So, it is filled with other things 

That do not bring life 


Profit over people 

Success, respect from others 

Our national identity 

Our ethnic background 

Our class in society 

Always seeking to put others down 

And lift ourselves up 

Our arrogance gets in the way 

Of God and God’s justice 


But God is always right there around the corner 

If we but repent of our ignorance 

Say YES to God 


There is a movie that came out some time ago 

With Jim Carrey as the lead actor 

A man who has trouble saying yes to anything good 

Gets hypnotized/ encouraged 

by a persuasive public speaker 

He can only say YES 

Say yes to everything someone asks him to do 


He has all kinds of adventures 

and has a lot of fun along the way 

But things get out of control 

And he starts to question saying yes to everything 

It costs him a lot of money 

All of his time 

Eventually a relationship 


He comes to realize that what you say YES to 

Is very important 

We only have a limited amount of time on this planet 

We should say YES to what we truly find is important 

And not give in to the distractions 

that are so readily around us 


And God can indeed do miracles 

God can cleanse us, 

Lead us in the right direction 

With plenty of pitfalls along the way 

Plenty of wrong turns 

And God will use us anyways 

Love and grace will win out 


The Psalm says that if we prayed to God 

Holding onto iniquity and cherishing it in our hearts, 

Than he would not listen 

But if we abhor iniquity, repent of it 

If we say YES to God’s love 

Even though we ourselves often fail 

Then God will still listen to us 

We surely cannot get it right 

We will make mistakes 

But we can cherish the truth 

Cherish what is right like the Psalmist 

We can know and appreciate what God says is right 

We can know and appreciate God’s love 

In us and around the world 


All people move and live and have their being in God 

Because he is the creator of all that exists 

However, we might not all recognize this little fact of life 

By following after Jesus as our teacher, 

We can go after the clearest way to God the creator 


In fact 

In our baptism 

We remember that God has already claimed us 

So, In everything we do, 

let us say YES to God!