Sunday Message 06 07 20 Trinity Sunday


Children's message:


What in the world is the Trinity?? 


Many wise and intelligent people have tried to comprehend 

And to explain over the years 

But one way you can imagine (not perfect but just a helpful analogy)

Is with a simple molecule called H2O 


Water – Ice – Steam 

Always the same molecule H2O 

Always GOD  

Slightly different emphasis and 

Interaction with us 


God is simultaneously 

Beyond what we can imagine 

In our hearts and all around us throughout the universe 

And Christ the love and mercy of God

Present in the world 

Where love and mercy are practiced 


Think of it like a little family 

Show the Symbol of the Trinity Knot on my stole 

An ancient Celtic Symbol 

Symbolized the generations of the family 

The “Wise one” or elder, (grandparent) 

The Parent 

And the child 

Strengthen and support one another 

Interlocking,  connected 


As Christians found this symbol 

They saw it fit well with the concept of the Trinity 

Which also is like a family! 

Like our family, the church family 


One thing we do as a family every Christmas (in my family) 


Some say the Trinity is like a dance, God wants someone to dance with 

Song (with slight change):  

I wanna dance with somebody, I wanna move my feet with somebody 

About Relationship! 


Adult Message:


Dance of Trinity, Dance of relationships 


Reading a book about the President Teddy Roosevelt  

William Howard Taft and the Golden Age of Journalism 


Not only did I finally learn why teddy bears 

are called Teddy Bears 

But I also learned that, 


He had a vision to fight against corruption  

That was creating inequity throughout the country  

As the Industrial Revolution transformed the economy 

And large corporations exploited 

the centralization of wealth and power  


He also strongly believed in keeping  

In contact with people who disagreed 

And not breaking off correspondence  

Unless absolutely necessary 


He believed in compromise when possible  

Did not want to cater into the radicals on either side  

Those who thought corporations 

should be able to do what they want  

And those who wanted complete government control 


But there are some issues 

that we must take a stand on, 

as we are bound by conscience 

and we see innocent suffering, oppression, injustice  


Part of Roosevelt’s ability to keep in correspondence 

With a variety of people was that he also 

Was up to date on what the people were crying for 


It’s about race and about class right now  

It’s about police and community relations  

Really the whole Judicial system is one area 

that really needs to be looked at… 

That society is calling out to be investigated! 

Not that it is the only issue we have! 


Though there are many white people that go to prison 

When we account for overall population 

There is a disproportionate number of Black 

and Latino prisoners 


If you would like an extensive review of this trend 

Please read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander 

She thoroughly analyzes police trends 

throughout the country 

Accounting for population and crime statistics 


We often talk of good apples versus bad apples 

In these conversations 

Life is not only individual  

We are always in a system, 

Or a variety of systems 


So, we need to look at the world in both ways  

There may be good apples and bad apples  

But there are also good systems and bad systems 

Hard to be good in a bad system  


This is exactly the argument that Martin Luther 

Makes in his treatise “On the Bondage of the Will” 


Michelle Alexander 

Describes how the War on Drugs has led to 

Large percentages of black young people, 

Especially men, 

To go to prison for low level, nonviolent offenses 

Often entering into a system that they cannot escape 

The rest of their lives 


This has affected whole communities 

It has left so many young people without that parent figure 

Without that father figure growing up


The generations represented by the Trinity Knot 

That support and strengthen one another 

Are not present in many households, 

This is a travesty! 


Thinking about having a baby again (my wife and I)

When all hell literally seems to have broken loose 

in a matter of months; it is sobering 


In our Men’s Bible study, 

we were going through the book of Daniel 

Fritz used a calendar to calculate 

a certain of number of years 

When it said that the world would come to an end 


Many people have done this over the years of course 

So, I was very skeptical of his date of 2025 


As you can imagine 

Thought it was just another one of those other times 

someone had tried to make the numbers fit 


Now I am not so sure…  Coronavirus, now protest, riots

If we can’t find some way 

To get passed differences, and come together… 


What would you think if I told you 

That a man got arrested and put in prison 

for a nonviolent offense? 

Maybe you think, well, they deserve it, 

must have done something, need to be tough on crime 


Now let us imagine that it is your sister, or your brother, 

Your best friend, parent, etc. your child maybe 

There might be a slightly different feeling 

Than the apathy of the situation before 


Now the loss would be very real 

Someone you love and care about 

Not 100% but most likely if your brother or sister 

Was going through this 

Because of that caring relationship, 

you would have more empathy 

You might think it was unfair and 

What you might hope for from the judge, Is leniency,

Something that is based in a little idea of MERCY 


Relationships (our topic of last week) comes up again 

Because they can be a source of compassion and mercy 

Hard to not care for someone that you love and dance with!


The KING was the one who made judgments about disputes 

Often made all the laws of the land 

The Prophets called the Kings 

to practice JUSTICE and MERCY 


MERCY for the poor and downtrodden 

MERCY for the prisoner, the hungry 

The orphan and widow and stranger 

And JUSTICE for the oppressor, and for the wicked 


There is no denying this 

MERCY is the overriding theme of God in the Old Testament 

MERCY carries through into Jesus of Nazareth 

MERCY that is offered to ALL people 


Jesus says to go and BAPTIZE, 

To reach out with God’s mercy 

Into the world 


That in turn should lead to more MERCY 

in every aspect of what we do 


Right now, we must push for equal treatment 

by the police and before the law 

for our brothers and sisters of African American heritage 

And for all people 


We must push for mercy in the courts 

To seek healing and wholeness and forgiveness 

Seeking to help and rehabilitate 


We must push for education and accountability 

In our communities.  It is all important! 


We must seek to develop relationships of love 

That move us to be a part of the dance 

That has existed since beyond time in the Trinity 

And continues on throughout creation 

The dance of love and mercy 


In Christ, 

we get to be a part of the relationship of the Trinity  

To the point that we realize 

we are all really family in Christ  

We are siblings with all people!  


We must listen 

God is calling us today 

To receive forgiveness once again, 

And to bring God’s mercy to the world!