Message 06 14 20 Jesus sends the disciples (Matt. 9 and 10)

Children's message:


We have a special broadcast message from our partners in ministry 

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Welcome my dear friends, 

My name is Methuselah, 

And you are watching, the Show 

Oh, it has been so long!  So long! 

 Good to be here with you again. 


Boy, are you in for a treat! 

We have a special guest coming out here today, 

And I am going to be her interviewer this morning! 

Please everyone, let’s all welcome Natalia to the Show!  

Cheers, etc… 


Well, normally we would need to do social distancing 

But I’m just a stuffed puppet, hahahaha!  

So, no need to worry! 


So, Natalia, how old are you? 

What kind of things are you interested in? 

What activities do you like to do? 

What is your favorite/best subject in school? 

What do you wish you could do that you can’t right now? 

What do you want to learn to do as you grow up? 

Where is your family from? 

And their families? 

You speak Spanish obviously 

¿Aprendiste de tus abuelos o de tu mami

Muy bien 


You are aware that we have been going through some 

Strange times as a country, as a world 

With the coronavirus 

With issues of Racism and violence 


What is one hope that you would have for people? 


What brings you joy?? 


So, important to listen to others 

To hear their stories, get to know them 

Helps to build empathy 


Would you believe me if I said that I used to be a swashbuckling dragon? 

Using my fiery breath and great wing power to bring fears to my helpless enemies? 


Ahem… hhhhhmmmmmm 


Well it was God’s love and forgiveness in my life, 

That turned me around and helped me try to do something better with my life 


Always good to listen first so we learn about who others are 

When we know their story 

It helps give a well-rounded picture of who someone is 


I am grateful to have gotten to know you better Natalia 

And I hope to see you again sometime 

God bless you! 

And may you walk in the peace of Christ

That’s something that makes me joyful!  Makes me want to sing and dance! 


One last thing, do you like to sing and dance? 

It says we should sing and dance to God 

Make a joyful noise 

Follow me, put your hands up, no bring ‘em low 

Rock to the side then to the other slow 

Now we gotta go, but don’t feel bad, 

See you next time with Methuselah, on the SHOW! 


Adult's message:


Wow that Methuselah dragon is very talented! 

That was nice to learn more about his story 

And about my own daughter too! 

Two for one, nice! 


In preparation for today I got to go back and reread 

The book of Matthew leading up to our passage for today 

The story of Jesus ministry 

Jesus has been going on a rampage 

up to this point in the story 


First, he gave his long sermon on the Mount 

Teaching the disciples primarily, with the crowds below 

Extending his vision of the Kingdom of Heaven 

Then he heals a long string of people from all kinds of issues 

Including healing a paraplegic man, 

And it goes on through the list 

muteness, blindness, leprosy, hemorrhaging woman 


Casts out demons from people 

Cures the insane 

Not to mention bringing someone back from death. 

Though he claimed they were only sleeping! 

He looked at a tax collector, said simply, 

follow me, and he did it! 

Jesus healed gentiles and Jews without discrimination 

God shows no prejudice 


Jesus sends his disciples out to do the same as him, 

cast out demons, cure people 

Receiving no payment 

Just as they had freely received God’s grace 

Simply getting some food to eat each day 


We need to be clear that 

this is a specific mission for a specific time and place 

They had just experienced Jesus 

doing all these amazing things and now he sends them out 


We haven’t had their same experiences 

But, we can apply the ideas to our own lives, 

to our own context 

What God is calling us to do, now 


First of all, the disciples go forth,  

because Jesus had compassion 

Jesus had compassion on the people 

who needed help around him, the crowds who came 

Hoping to get some healing or some teaching 

Something new for their lives 

Throughout his region of the world 


Galilee was not a super wealthy area, 

although it was strategically important because of the trade 

across the Sea of Galilee, 

There was not a whole lot of local benefit for this. 

It was also a place where taxes were collected 

The taxes were often exorbitant, 

putting an already poorer society into further poverty 


As you can imagine this could be very tense 

Especially as the ones collecting taxes 

were their own brothers 

Brother betrays brother 

Jesus early in chapter 9 

“Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. 13 Go and learn what this means, ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’ For I have come to call not the righteous but sinners.” 

Jesus feels compassion for these people 

They need healing in all sorts of ways 


Is it not true that poverty often breeds trouble? 

Especially for our youth 

Insufficient access to quality education and resources 

As well as quality job opportunities 

it is bound to have consequences… 


I am preaching to the choir here I know! 


Part of all of this lies in the hearts of the people! 


The original “Muckrakers” - McClures magazine 

Corporations rising to power with Industrial Revolution 

In depth reporting, really got to know the stories 

And put a face to an injustice - Rockefeller, etc  

Helped to break up the trusts 

Because they also did not notice editorialize everything - showed the facts in clear terms, in-depth coverage 

Something we could use more of today!  



Notice that the disciples not only healed people 

They stayed in their homes, In their community 

Receiving back from the ones they helped 

Something to eat, for their trouble 


But they stayed there!  They depended on them 

Could we say they got to know them? 

Heard their stories, shared their experiences 

And if the people didn't want to do that, 

Well they just moved on, no harm no foul 

A little disgruntlement for sure, but nothing too crazy 


More like the stereotypical grandfather 

yelling at the kids to get off his lawn 

Secretly wishing they might actually be interested in him 

Que tristeza!! 


Or maybe you could picture it like a 

famous rapper, Song by Jay-Z as a kid 

brush your shoulder off... 

Like hey you just give it back to the world 


I saw a video a story about the Buddha 

He was travelling place to place teaching 

In one place, someone came and started yelling at him 

Saying he shouldn't teach there, he was a fraud, a sham 


He responded:  When you give someone a gift 

and they do not take the gift from you, 

to whom does the gift belong? 

Of course, to me, responded the other man

Because I bought the gift. 


So, the Buddha responded, it is the same with your anger 

If I do not receive your anger 

it simply goes back to you, and it is yours to hold. 

It only then damages yourself. 


When you go in with peace, as the disciples were told to do 

It is a much more agreeable transaction 

If the person refuses your gift. 

Simply receive your peace back and go on your way 


And, Jesus says, 

They must stay with those who were “worthy” 

worthy in Greek is axia: 

a. weighing, having weight; with a genitive having the weight of (weighing as much as) another thing, of like value, worth as much: 

b. befitting, congruous, corresponding, "it is "worth the while" 

c. of one who has merited anything, 


The reality is we cannot always take the time 

with everything or person. 

We need to find what is the most effective use of our time 

To bring this Kingdom of Heaven to earth somehow. 

If we express peace and seek to be in relationship 

and we are rejected, we can simply move on from that place 


They are even told to flee from persecution 

From the leadership, the authorities 

For preaching and healing without a license as it were 

And for carrying the people over to Jesus' cause 


For Jesus was going to arrive 

They just had to push forward as much as they could 

Jesus was going to catch up to them 

I love the word for that in Spanish: alcanzar 


catch up - sounds like I am going to eat some French fries 


They are now sheep in a world full of wolves 

But they must be wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove 

Even family will split against family 

But a new community based in love of all people 

will be formed 


The authorities don’t want this to happen 

They don't want a new kingdom, 

They are benefiting from the old one! 


But still the disciples must persevere 

Going from town to town 

Constantly forward throughout Israel 

And Jesus was going to catch up with them 


Interestingly as it relates to today 

We are told to go to our own people 

As the disciples were sent only to the tribes of Israel at first 


For Racism, it means that as Caucasians 

we need to talk to our own people about these issues 

For Sexism men need to be holding other men accountable 

For classism, wealthy people should start doing the same 

We need to start holding one another accountable 

As Jesus certainly promises to do 

Cuando nos alcanza, when he, catches up to us 


See it’s not all butterflies and rainbows of course 


The Original Muckrackers of McClure’s Magazine 

Were doing just that: 

holding the powers of wealth and privilege accountable 

Accountable to the people, 

accountable to other businesses they had exploited 


While we need to reach out to people who are similar to us 

and hold one another accountable 


It is also important to build relationships 

with people across cultures 


Quite different situation than the disciples, but, 

I led a group of seminarians in 2013 

Visiting Lutheran churches and ministries in Haiti 

We were at a guesthouse right outside the city of Thiote 

Waiting for our ride to make it to the church 

for the Saturday youth group 

Ride didn’t come so we decided we would go on our own 

I had been one time before 2 years previous so… 


We needed to go down the hill, pass through Thiote 

And walk down the road to Ansapet, 

Then we needed to take dirt/rocky roads to get there 


It was a little scary to be honest 

Didn’t know what to expect really 

We were the only foreigners really 

So, we stuck out 


We had gone too far but didn’t know it 

So, we stopped and asked some people 

if they knew Pastor Michelet du le iglese luterienne 

They pointed us in the direction of someone else 

Who said they knew the Pastor 

They called him, and the Pastor sent his son 

and others on dirt bikes 

They picked us up, and we drove along the dirt/rocky roads 

through the forest to the church 


This experience helped me to break down some of my fears 

I am not suggesting that there are not dangers in Haiti, 

It would not be recommended to be out at night 

walking as we were for sure 


But people are people, all over the world 

In reality we have similar dreams, desires, 

Most people want some level of peace and prosperity 

We have a vision of what that looks like 

And so, we often clash 


But in that experience, in that moment 

I was able to see Christ, I was able to see God’s love 

In another country, speaking a different language 


That's how I feel right now 

I don't know how people are going to react to me 

when I go out the front door it seems 

But I just gotta give peace wherever I go 

I just gotta try and remember to get to know people 

don't judge, grow in compassion and empathy for others 


I pray that this can bring healing 

I can share God's love now 

God's mercy and forgiveness 


I experience it, and then I go out and share it 

And I can trust, that Jesus will meet me there 

We can trust, we can push forward in that love of Christ 

And God is going to meet us there!! 


Like a helpful stranger on the road 

thousands of miles from home 

Christ will meet us and carry us through 

on God’s love and grace!


So, we sing a joyful noise to the Lord 

Pointing others to Christ and God’s love.