New Release by Pastor Nate - Lost Pages 

My first single of 2021 is titled "Lost Pages"! 

Back in the day when I was a teenager I used to just get lost in my writing, poems and raps and all kinds of stuff. My life may have taken a downward turn but still I continued writing more and more. Today I can’t find most of those pages, but I’m still writing. I guess I had a lot to say! 

Lost Pages reminds us that we cannot be put into a box. 

What I see today is if you don’t “line up” in your perspectives or your opinions with the majority of any group, political, religious, artistic, etc. Then you are destroyed on either side. 

We are unique, we are individuals, and no two people’s viewpoints are going to match exactly, and that is the point. Diversity of thought is a good thing, with the caveat for us as Christians being: that we must maintain the bond of our unity in Christ, we must love and care for one another, with our differences. That is only possible in Christ. In humility and gratitude before God’s mercy.

Every rapper has to have that song for just spitting some bars saying what they want to say. This is that song for me, it’s called Lost Pages, hope you enjoy it! 

You can find it on my website, and online streaming services :)