1. Still Awkward
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Have you been bullied or mistreated because of being different? Have you experienced oppression and injustice?

Do you feel like you are not good enough for some reason? Are you considered "weird" or strange?

It can be hard to live this way, feeling left out and isolated from others often, but isn't that what also makes you unique? Being "normal" is actually very boring when we stop and think about it. In reality each person is unique and different from every other person and there is no "normal". God wants us to live into that uniqueness and difference, God loves us for who we are. God loves you!

I was bullied myself during high school and had a hard time fitting in. It led me eventually to a destructive lifestyle including abusing drugs and alcohol. God's love never let go and encouraged me to realize that I don't have to hide my "weirdness", that I can revel in it, that I can thrive and live into that part of my personality because that is who I am created to be.

God wants the same for each one of us.

That's why this song is called "Still Awkward", because I was awkward as a teenager and guess what, I'm still pretty awkward now, and the difference is that now I'm proud of it :)

The most important thing to remember is that God's loves you more than you can even imagine!