1. Lost Pages
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This ain’t the realest that I ever wrote
Nah I wrote that when I was dead broke
And strung out on... whoa, whoa!

But I can’t find those pages.
Lost phrases And fragrances
Nostalgic hazes
Phases of craziness

Like Lost wisdom
Of sages through ages in
Raiments of colorful arrangements

Injustice like cases with
Evasive plaintiffs
And false statements
It’s plain let’s
Erase the Disgraces
Face the racists

Hellfire rages
Evil payment laces
Medieval traces
Still Hatred plagues us

Let them kids up out them cages
Let the prisoner run races
The orphan places of home
And roam in free spaces.
Mayest the strangest strangers
Find graces
And nature survive the pavement

Filter the playlist
Can’t make it
Better fake it

And ummm
I’m dropping some knowledge
as if I went to college
Well I did go to college
That’s why the flow is so polished
Plus a Masters
So you know I’m obnoxious.
Tried to drop
Being raucous
But I’m caustic
Like rusted faucets
Rarer than goblin Goblets
In the eyes of God
like Snape’s tear droplets
It’s preposterous

Flier than Merry Poppins
No I don’t brag often
But the song left me no option
I mean c’mon the beat is boppin’

Soy ridiculoso infeccioso como loco
Provoco rabia como oso
Peligroso como el lobo
Pero soy ñoño con mojo como
Austin powers in a dojo
More guts than Han Solo
Don’t believe in no Yolo
Más valentía que Frodo
On swag like a low low
Dicen que yo soy codo
Siempre busco la promo
Pero así soy yo bro
Vivo en slow mo

And oh no no
You just cannot stop me
coming through like I’m Rocky
All the haters off me

Call me a softy
But God calls to me softly
Soothe me and rock me

But then he cocks back
And he karate chops me!
The law decrees me too haughty
Hasta look what it cost me
Regrets and folly
Almost lost me
In the melancholy
The holly jolly
And the Lodi Dodi
To anybody I hurt
I’m sorry

I’m an Irish Italian Mexican
In significant proportions
Intrinsic distortions
Pro immigrant
But not abortion
Anti- war anti-extinction
Like Norton when he heard an inkling
Of a who

I won’t judge you if you don’t judge me
Where I’m from, where I was born
Let’s have a real conversation

Love it or hate it I’m just being me
Walking through society slightly
Awkwardly possibly, frolicking
Cautiously, unconsciously probably
Obviously a Novelty
Trying to make it to solvency

Nah I ain’t sipping on that sizzur
But I’m still a wizard
Colder than a blizzard
Doing push ups like a lizard
Lagartijas in the summer
And I never been to Funner
An overcomer like Mandissa

Estoy lleno de risas
Más inteligente que Lisa
Creativo como Frida
De justicia la liga
La fiesta que siga
Esposa es la diva
Sin mencionar a las hijas
Nunca tengo prisa
Llego tarde a las citas
Eso no se me quita
Pero puntual a la Misa
Pues a nadie sele diga
si no fuera pastor
tarde llegaría y hasta atras
Me sentaría

I’m a disaster
plastered all over the walls
I’m laughter
Scattered through the halls
I’m a party crasher
I’m Asher
Pokémon catcher
Running from snatchers
A rapper
With a happily ever after

Revolutionary like Napster
Save yo life like a pap-smear
In Christ’s name the rap here
Evil and fear collapse
When they hear the syntax rear
Each synapse attached peer to peer
And relaxed here
Sayings it’s clear that’s queer
Solo spitting some facts there -
won’t be no relapse
No gasping air in the back
The breath of God Is Intact dear.

Never been a favorite except
With maybe the wifey
But maybe I should save it
She might say baby that’s dicey
Cause I’m likely slightly annoying
laughter ongoing
I do be enjoying exuberant energy
Bestowing I’m morning glowing
I’m cattle lowing saddle holding
If I were country rolling not patrolling
the suburbs Of LA flowing
to Seattle some play en Guadalajara and then to tha Bay, to Portlandia
and Diego by the way
Now I’m back in LA and the OC
You know we be repping today
I’m West Coast but I pray
Para toda mi genteeee.....!!!
Don’t care what they say

But don’t let me portray
Myself too arrogant I’m clay
In the potters hands I’m rays
And bands Of sunshine days
and clouds and rains
Refreshing the land
I’m sand on the beach
I’m love and within reach
When the Gospel stands preached
Like a sweet peach refreshing my soul
I’m the loveliest and the ugliest speech
I’m a leech. The screech of a chalk board in Sister Act 2 when she couldn’t speak, I’m two left feet, I’m good and bad I laugh and I weep, shallow and deep, I skip and leap, fail and succeed, reach for the stars and I fall in the street.

Saint and sinner, loser winner, expert, beginner, no matter I just let the pot simmer, with the glimmer of hope caught in the mirror dimmer, story spinner, mischievous grinner, could tell you more but I’m late for dinner.

This ain’t the realest that I ever wrote
Can’t find those pages
Lost phrases and fragrances.